Großes Lagerfeuer an Pfingsten in der Arena in Westernohe; im Hintergrund sind viele Menschen zu sehen


Pentecost in Westernohe

Frequently asked questions - Pentecost Camp

How is the weather in May/June in Westernohe?

  • Everything is possible! Bring waterproof and warm clothes especially for the night with you, we even had some years with degrees minus 0 ◦C during the nights.
  • But it can also be very warm and sunny, so also bring short clothes and sun protection.


Do I have to bring sleeping bags and mats?

  • Yes, we do not have enough to lend them to you. In case you don’t own a warm sleeping bag, let us know in advance so we can plan an extra blanket for you.

Is there a kit list?

  • There is no kit list at the moment. We recommend that you bring everything you need for your personal use (clothes, warm layers, waterproofs, sleeping bag and mat, towel, hygiene products, tea towel, plate/cup/cutlery, scout uniform, hat, sun glasses) and items to represent Scouting / Guiding in your country (e.g. badges, games, snacks, souvenirs, stories..)

I cannot afford the camp, is there the possibility of financial support?

  • If you join as a helper, we can cover the camp fee for you, so you only have to pay for your transport. Note that we only have a limited number of scholarships available so please contact us as early as possible.


How do I get to the campsite by public transport?

  • The nearest train station connected to long distance trains is Limburg South (“Limburg Süd”) from there a few shuttles will be available. Further, there are public buses to the village of Rennerod. From there you have to walk about 5km (slightly uphill). You should make sure to arrive at a reasonable time or contact us in advance.

Where is the camp?

  • The exact address is Bundeszentrum Westernohe, Zum Weitstein 50, 56479 Westernohe
  • The international village is on campsite 16, a map of the campsite can be found here


I’m travelling from somewhere in Germany – is there a carpooling list?

  • Let us know and we will try to connect you with a local scout group.

Do I have to bring my own tent to sleep?

  • If you stay in the international village, we provide sleeping tents for helpers and guests, they are usually shared by 8 people of the same gender. If you have special needs, we can ask for a bed in a house for you.

I have school/work on Friday/Monday, can I also arrive later or leave earlier?

  • When participating in the international village you need to arrive on Friday evening (no matter how late), but it is okay to leave on Sunday evening even though you will miss the big campfire. In this case, you need to organize the transport from the campsite yourself.

What is the structure of the camp?

  • The times might be updated just before the camp.
  • On Friday afternoon, we will set up the tents. In the evening there is the official welcome in the international village, and we’ll start to get to know each other.
  • On Saturday breakfast is from 8 to 9. We start the day together at 9:30 am, with a “morning circle”, which is like a briefing and energizer for the day. Attendance is mandatory.
  • Program Times are on Saturday and Sunday from 10-12 am and 2:30-5 pm.
  • Lunch is at around 12:30 in the international village.
  • Dinner is around 6 pm


What is the Program?

  • The program for all the camp will be published here, note that it is in German, we will try to provide it also in English
  • Saturday evening, we will have a campfire evening in the international village.
  • Sunday evening there is a catholic service (time to be announced) followed by the big campfire for all the participants. You are very welcome to present something a dance, a sketch or a song from your country or scout group.
  • During the day different workshops are offered in the international village such as friendship armlets, Kandersteg world scout game, Kim games and many more.
  • On Sunday afternoon there is an Open Pots event to try international food.


How can I or my group participate in the program?

  • Most programs are walk-in, so you can just walk around and see what you like.
  • As a helper you will get a work schedule indicating where you help with the program.
  • For the open pots and game rounds we ask our international guests to present something from their country.


Is there a theme?

  • Yes, the theme is matching our annual campaign, this year it is "100% human - Encourage yourself against racism!" with a focus on racism in society.

What are my jobs as a helper?

  • You will be a facilitator in the program of the international village.
  • There will be a plan where you see which workshop you are helping with.
  • Also, everyone will take turns in doing the dishes to help our catering team.


What do I have to do when I stay as a representative in the international village?

  • Everyone is expected to offer one program for the participants, either open pots or game rounds.
  • Also, everyone will take turns in doing the dishes to help our catering team.


Safe from harm

Note that it is mandatory for every participant who is 18 years or older to provide proof of a "Safe from harm"-training. Either you have something similar in your scout association or you can do the WOSM e-learning, which can be found here: SfH 2: Safe from Harm advanced learning

Please send the certificate to our office ( until the 14th of May.


International Scout Week