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The DPSG has partner associations all over the world with whom we have long-standing friendships and joint projects are carried out. These are supervised by working groups within the DPSG or in cooperation with the respective association. Just have a look around!



The partnership between the Bolivian Scout Association ASB and the German Scout Association Sankt Georg (DPSG) goes back to the 1960s. Not only the national association but also many diocesan associations maintain active contact to Bolivia.

The ASB has approx. 10,000 members and is the only scout association in Bolivia. Most of the tribes are located in the cities because in the countryside the infrastructure is very poor. Traditionally, a large number of members and especially members in leading positions come from the middle or upper class. The ASB is a coeducational association and is not bound by any confession. The squads are usually made up of students from the same school. The social differences are therefore less within the squads, but more between the squads of different districts.

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The partnership between the DPSG and the ASR began in 1978. This was the first time a delegation of the DPSG travelled to Rwanda, in order to prepare with the first common annual action with scouts from ASR. The German scouts got acquainted with the working method of the Rwandarians, which is characterised by "Scoutisme Utile", which means as much as "Scouting is useful". That means, scouts in Rwanda try to act for the benefit of the whole society and the German scouts wanted to support this work. Two years later the plans were put into action with the annual campaign 1980 "Your way - our responsibility". With the collected money the partnership and the training center of the ASR in Gisenyi are supported.

Since 2018, there has been a group of interested people who would like to revive the partnership between the two associations. The planned mutual meetings have recently been postponed several times. For the realization we are in constant exchange with the Rwandan partners.