Großes Lagerfeuer an Pfingsten in der Arena in Westernohe; im Hintergrund sind viele Menschen zu sehen

International Opportunities

International Scout Week

DPSGler die sich an der Hand halten, rote Kluften im Hintergrund

With the International Scout Week (ISW), which takes place every summer, we want to make it possible for you to experience international Scout encounters at our national centre in Westernohe. You can decide for yourself whether you want to come with a partner group or spontaneously take part in the activities on offer, or whether you want to organize things creatively yourself and, for example, invite your camp neighbour group from another country to an afternoon of games. The International Working Group and the Westernohe Federal Centre have come up with a small handful of exciting programme items: Feel "arrived in the heart of the DPSG" at our get-to-know-you and welcome evening, enjoy the taste of the "international cooking pots" and get to know each other and your campfire cultures at the "International Campfire Evening".


Date: 1st - 7th of August

Location: National Campsite Westernohe, Germany (Zum Weitstein 50, 56479 Westernohe)

Price: 30€ for central program only

We are looking forward to connecting many DPSG groups and scout groups from abroad and to welcome you all in Westernohe in 2022. You can already look forward to a great week together, for which you can plan your own camp as well as take part in the intercultural framework program of the International Working Group (IAK) of the DPSG with an opening evening, intercultural saucepan evening and camp party evening during which you will have the chance to make many international contacts. The DPSG groups can apply for grants for the international encounter for both their DPSG group and the partner group from abroad. If you are interested or you have any questions about the funding, just contact the International Office: (international[at]dpsg[dot]de).

Pentecost in Westernohe